An Odd Fallen Angel…

Everyone is fantasizing angels while I stare at your blood cold eyes for one last night,
Hurt from the battles and scars all opened,
Tell me has someone held your hand or someone ever loved you for who you’re?

“A fallen angel”, some says, but the demons hold those bloodless hands,
Whispering, whispering, whispering,
Tears shooting down from the bloodshot eyes, tell me, who took you for granted love? Who stole your happiness and labelled you as a “beast”?

“You were never a beast love” I spoke out loud to the man in the mirror,
They just hate the odd ones, the ones who conquer, the ones who change their old beliefs

Some fall recklessly and that’s no weakness,
“Hold onto that pen of yours and change the world” the universe whispered

A fallen angel smiled one last time as the pen stabbed right into the heart of the darkness

~Aloka Wijesinghe
Admin | Human Writes


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